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Here's hoping you guys like them & once again congrats! =)

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I fear they're not *that* original but I hope you enjoy them nonetheless. But in my defence with icons like that, how can any banner look good? stop making pretty icons... well, no, don't stop. Also if you guys could be less gracious when accepting the winners? you're all "omg, i'm happy i won they were all such great quality"... it's not that I want diva!makers but i'm starting to suspect none of you are human - you all are way too nice ;)

/tongueincheekcomment except the fact that you're all too nice, that's true and really scary. ♥

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Here are the banners for round 13, that special round with 15 themes. You may find (as you will read in the cuts) the themes, category sets, category individual icons and aphrodite banners. All the extra awards (to the themes) banners will be up as soon as I manage to finish them ;)

The artwork for the images in the category related banners? I found on google image search, I don't claim ownership to them, but darn if I didn't find them cute XD (the real reason why I used it, I originally planned to do something with traditional greek imagery but that idea went out rather fast). I hope you enjoy the banners and congrats once again!

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Voting later today &/or tomorrow (I have a love/hate relationship with coding).

Once again CONGRATS to the winners.

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Long overdue banners, I'm starting on round 11 ones already so this doesn't happen. If anyone wants to ever make banners? Just let me know! I'm sure the winners will agree with me that many banner makers are always welcome =D

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The banners for the CATEGORY & ARTIST'S CHOICE SETS. & yes, I'm posting mine too so you guys can see all 3 sets and see how unoriginal I am but hey! change of colour.

/& yes, that was an attempt of being funny... I tell you, having a cold doesn't agree with my sense of humour... oh well, let me show you those banners!

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There will be a later post in the upcoming days with the SET (cat&ac) banners made by the lovely [personal profile] green, do look out for that one too =). & now onto the other banners:

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I shall never do a 'stock image' theme again. Good thing I had started on doing these way before polls ended or I would've never gotten them done ;)

Once again, my most sincere congratulations to every single one of you, to those that won and to those that didn't. It was a fantastic round.
[personal profile] littleglassvial, you have 2 theme 'easy' banners because I couldn't decide which one I liked best.

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Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 14

As a participant, would you like to have participation banners so people can see you participated on round ## of fandom20in20?

View Answers

Yes, I think it's a nifty idea.
6 (42.9%)

Yes, although I personally wouldn't want one I think it's a good idea.
4 (28.6%)

No, I wouldn't want them, I don't see the point of them, etc.
3 (21.4%)

NO WAY JOSÉ. [in all the good ways this sentence can be taken ;)]
1 (7.1%)


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