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It's time to take a look at what works and what doesn't. So I would love to hear from you all what you've liked or didn't like so far, from themes subjects to how this comm runs.

Do you think it would be good for the comm to have a second moderator? So as to make everything run faster/better? (not saying I'm doing a bad job but 2 people or more can cover more hours than 1, that's a fact)

If you couldn't finish your icons on time, other than rl (& thus out of my power) what was it that made you not finish on time? Were the themes too hard or too narrow and thus could not fit your claim? Do you think it would be better for a bigger turnout to let people make a claim/change claims after the themes/table are up? Should something be done so there are more iconmakers participating, more promotion in DW comms? (sugggestions of which ones?)

Those that are watching/members of the comm and are not participating with icons, is it because you don't want to or do you feel there's something that we should change from the current system so you felt more inclined to participate?

Do you think we should change the voting system so it was harder to see which icons are ahead? Do you feel that we all would benefit from having a more obligatory system of 'peer-reviews'? would it be better if people could also give constructive criticism on icons in an anonymous way?
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I'm wondering, which themes have you disliked & liked so far? Specially from this round?

Any problem, or just mere hiccups, with how the system is set up? How it runs?

Ideas or suggestions on how to make it all go much smoother?

Should there be more reminders either for the sign ups (up tomorrow, hopefully!), for the entries or for the voting?!

Not enough time? Maybe it would be easier to make the icons from the 11th to the 30th instead from the 1st to the 20th?

Is there something missing that you find yourself thinking 'oh my, it would be just a little bit better if *that* was a theme' or 'if *that* was a voting category' or...?

Would it be more interesting if the category set had differences among the types of claims? (as in, one for those that picked a character, one for those that picked a general claim, etc?)

Is the tags system too weird to move around easily? I don't know, you tell me! =)

I'm not sure if many have noticed but thanks to some wonderful suggestions and ideas of my own (okay, just one but well, who's counting?) there's the small description of the claim above the icons in the voting posts just to make it easier for those that don't know or don't recall the different themes & in the sign up posts when people complete their sets they get a 'completed' word on the last row with a link to their entry in this community for easier access.
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It seems that those who commented either liked or didn't mind the round being a big reference to a fandom. So I thought I would ask all of you what you would want to have as the general round reference for round two and to see what fandoms you suggest for future rounds.

The fandom you suggest can be anything, but I'm going to ask for those that you don't think are too obscure or new (i.e. at least around 1-2 years old, so as to not spoil anyone who might not know anything of that reference). It can be a film, a show, a comic, a singer, etc.

If you want to suggest some themes for the challenge you may go here. You can find round 2: sign ups open at the moment.


Mar. 20th, 2010 09:03 pm
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This community will accept many types, pretty much all types, of claims. Each one has a set of rules.

1."Group claims"

Tv Show/Anime & Comic/Manga - If claiming something that fits into this category your icons will have to include: a) at least 2 characters & b) from at least 2 episodes/volumes.
Music Bands - If claiming something that fits into this category your icons will have to include: a) at least two members & b) at least two different events (interview, photoshoot, concert, etc)
If there are more groups (like for example a sports team) it will be alike the music bands just adapt the concept, if some other type pops up I would edit the rules but I think this way it's easier to understand than if I gave a list of types of groups, mainly because I would probably forget too many of them.

Film/TV Show/Comics/Video games claim: You may claim a film, tv show (anime too), comics/manga and videogames entirely. The icons must at least be of two characters; and in the case for the examples that have more than one episode at least you should icon two different episodes.
Here in episode, I would say that if you claim comics/mangas they will need to be of different volumes, unless you only claimed a specific one (thus it would be under 'episode' claim); the same can be said about the video games.

Film & Video Games - If you were to claim a 'saga'(i.e. Lord of the Rings triology, or the Final Fantasy 1 to 4) it would fall under the same rules as tv show/anime

2."Individual claims"
Film & Video Games - If you just want to claim something that fits this category (and does not befall under groupings) you will have to make icons of at least 2 characters.
Episode & Individual Events* - If your claim fits this category you will have to at least have 2 different characters/people in your icon.
*an "individual event" would be much like any specific sports game, or maybe a concert, maybe even a fan event such like a convention? I don't know, anything you can come up will be considered... if you can think of it then why not do it?
Character - If you claim a character you will have to icon them in more than one episode (unless they only 'live' for one episode). Keep in mind that in some shows there's a character that has different personalities, either all around or at a times, you must keep in mind that you can claim a specific version or the whole of them.
I'm giving examples here for I think it might be helpful:
Battlestar Galactica's cylons, i.e. Caprica Six / HeadSix / Six in captivity aboard Cain's ship / other versions. <- You can claim one version or the whole character of number six.
Actor, Singer & Famous person of choice - Your icon must show your actor in more than one role and/or out of character (in any event); the singer in more than one concert/event & the famous people in general in more than one event.
As you all might have realized I've overused the word 'event' it is a means to refer to interviews, photoshoots, behind the scenes events, anything really.

3."Pairing claims"
Pairing claim: You may claim a specific pairing. It can be any pairing, not necessarily romantic, siblings, friendship, rivals/enemies, etc. All icons should show that relationship, it is not necessary for both of them to appear; but it is necessary that in the icons you make that relationship you claimed is clear.

If there's something that is not clear enough, please ask.
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If you have any question and/or suggestion in regards to the community, feel free to comment in this post.

If your suggestion is about themes, go here; and if you have any first doubt about claims check here... this post is for all that doesn't fit in any other post. You're also welcomed to PM me if you prefer to do so but I thought that any doubt that one user might have could solve a future user's question and thus this space.
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Do you want to be one of the banner makers? Apply in this post!

Current Banner Makers:

- [personal profile] lyd
- [personal profile] green
- [personal profile] redefined


Mar. 20th, 2010 08:57 pm
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Leave a comment here if you want to be affiliated with [community profile] fandom20in20.

The affiliated ones you can find both in the profile page and under the cut in an alphabetical order.

we're already affiliated with... )
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If you have any theme suggestion feel free to comment, the comments are screened so as to be a surprise for the other players.

Remember that the themes will have to be compatible with many types of claims.


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