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ETA Thursday 28 July at ten past four in the afternoon: I've moved the icons from LJ's Scrapbook to my own site so they should all be visible now.

icon icon icon

This way to the icons...
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→ You must have signed up to participate in this round.
→ Icons should be: no more than 40kb, 100x100pixels, not animated & PG-13.
→ Your icons must be new and made specifically for this challenge & they must be yours.
→ Icons can be posted here or linked to at a journal/community of your choice, your post will have to remain public until the round ends.
→ Post 3 teaser icons before the cut or link.
→ The icons must fit your claim.
The tagging system? Feel free to use the tags → round: 16, entries: round 16, participant: yourusername, claim: yourclaim, but just in case I will be adding those tags you forget/don't remember to use.
→ Please, do try to comment on your fellow icon makers' posts! You missed who posted and who didn't post? You're not feeling up to going back over X number of entries to find that submission? Go to the signed up list, where you will find the completed sets with links to their individual entries in the commmunity.
→ If you need examples or something isn't clear enough ask in the comments, I prefer not to give visual examples so as not to limit your imaginations.
→ Do make sure the entry subject says "Round 16: NameOfYourClaim"

→ This round goes from the 11th to the 31st. The Next Round's signing up post will go up during the last week of the month and on the 1st of August we shall start that round so voting round 16 and posting of sets in round 17 will go hand in hand.
→ Special thanks go to [personal profile] redefined for the suggestion of Homestuck and the idea behind this round's themes.
→ All participants so far are accepted with their first claim - I've barely had online time due to rl being busy so haven't gotten arround editing/commenting on that post.

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I absolutely forgot about making this post. I think it's time to invest in a new brain or something that reminds me that I should make these posts.

IMAGE AFTERWARDS, as soon as I get to it after I post the tie-breaking polls.


Welcome to ROUND 16 at [community profile] fandom20in20.

  • Please make sure you join the community.

  • Read the rules before signing up, if you have any question feel free to ask here or over at the questions post.

  • If your questions are regarding the claims you may ask directly here or check this post & ask there if you're still in doubt.

  • Use the form below to sign up. Make a comment filling that information and hopefully you will be assigned your first choice.

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