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→ You must have signed up to participate in this round.
→ Icons should be: no more than 40kb, 100x100pixels, not animated & PG-13.
→ Your icons must be new and made specifically for this challenge & they must be yours.
→ Icons can be posted here or linked to at a journal/community of your choice, your post will have to remain public until the round ends.
→ Post 3 teaser icons before the cut or link.
→ The icons must fit your claim.
The tagging system? Please use → round: 17, entries: round 17, participant: yourusername, claim: yourclaim, if you don't tag I will do so myself.
→ Please, do try to comment on your fellow icon makers' posts! You missed who posted and who didn't post? You're not feeling up to going back over X number of entries to find that submission? Go to the signed up list, where you will find the completed sets with links to their individual entries in the commmunity.
→ If you need examples or something isn't clear enough ask in the comments, I prefer not to give visual examples so as not to limit your imaginations.
→ Do make sure the entry subject says "Round 17: NameOfYourClaim"

→ This round ends on the 21st (last day to submit your entries).

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Welcome to ROUND 17 at [community profile] fandom20in20.

  • Please make sure you join the community.

  • Read the rules before signing up, if you have any question feel free to ask here or over at the questions post.

  • If your questions are regarding the claims you may ask directly here or check this post & ask there if you're still in doubt.

  • Use the form below to sign up. Make a comment filling that information and hopefully you will be assigned your first choice.

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