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3 days left

So far we have 3 wonderful entries, do remember to post the icons during the remaining days while enjoying your weekends!

r10 banners? this weekend, seriously, this week I'm just been coming down from my trip ;)
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There are 10 days left to submit icons for this round! And banners for the previous round will come at the end of this month.

I have unmoderated the posts of each of this round participants because I'm highly doubtful of my online time in the following days since I'm going to be in Berlin so pretty much no connection & I want to make sure everyone sees the icons when you post them. So this is basically a free for all 14. Go ahead and post your icons, I will aim to tag and link to your posts on the sign up post as soon as I'm back in Barcelona.

Have fun, enjoy the iconmaking process and everyone do remember to comment on those lovely icon posts! =)
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Due to several factors, I'm leaving this round open until Monday (tomorrow) midday/early afternoon CET (Central European Time).

I hope it doesn't suppose any problem for those of you who did turn in your icons before the deadline.
I'm leaving the comments screened so you're free to comment on any possible problem this might create? I assure you it's not a regular thing & voting will be up and running on Monday night until the 28th's midday (so as to make sure I have enough time to set up any tie-break polls before the end of the month).

I hope you're all having a great end of the month and let's never talk about NaNo for I did give up on it ;) [yes, you may mock me, I mock myself too].

Meanwhile due to this extension I'm going to suggest what you guys can do until voting is up and running.
A) Go comment on your fellow iconmakers posts;
B) Decided you want to make banners for [community profile] fandom20in20? let me know;
C) Any theme suggestion!? or maybe just questions and suggestions on this comm in general?!;
D) Any Monthly Theme ideas? (just let me know in the comments);
E) etc.
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I totally forgot to post a reminder earlier on this week. I shall aim to PM those of us who haven't posted later on, before the deadline, so as to have a more 'direct' reminder =)

On another note I would like to let you guys know about this community: [community profile] anicontest, which is an animanga-focused weekly icontest. The mod is our very own [personal profile] ai and it looks very interesting! I know some of you are already members but for those that are not? They're holding their first contest this week, so go ahead, be tempted & check it out =)
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I would also like to say that I haven't forgotten about the banners for round five, I'm just rather busy and thus haven't had time to finish them.

List of round 6 participants =)
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Totally forgot to post it yesterday. I hope you're all having a great August!
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I'm sorry, I sent a message earlier today that said it was today, totally my bad since as [personal profile] yvi nicely reminded me (THANK YOU!) I gave tomorrow, the 21st, as the deadline! XD

So remember you've got until Hawai's midnight or the like to submit your entries =D.

Here you can see all the entries so far, which is good if like me you're way behind in commenting on such lovely entries.
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This is the only 24 hours left reminder (technically a bit over 24 hours left).

If I'm not miscounting there are only 3 participants left since two of our members have informed me that they won't be able to finish their sets due to rl. I hope you guys remaining can manage to pull it off, I'm seriously looking forward to your entries (now, the nightmare that will be the setting up the voting? not so much ;D)


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